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Poem A Day Challenge #9

Team Inspire

Ends, no starts with a hi and a high tone laugh/giggle

A laugh is sweet as a chocolate sprinkled marsh mellow

Me! I am a member of team Inspire


Intelligant, the team inspire for such 5th graders

Noticing that we have learned alot this year with Ms.Kim

Sadly we are going to have to go to 6th grade

Put your full attention in home work

It is time to try our best(since it is the last quarter)

Read like Kayley, the smart(est) member of team inspire

Ends with a sad good bye and a glum laugh


Poem A Day Challenge #8


Grace Lee the face is so tall, pretty, and kind

She is a vitamin for me

She is my right leg

She is a part of my heart

She is the wheel on the bike

She is important to me as my knowledge for living

Grace Lee the face is a best friend of mine

Poem A Day Challenge #7


dolls hugs me good bye when I lye down on my bed

dolls watch me study on my desk

dolls talk to me on the couch and tell secret stories

dolls are the best friends you can make!^^


Spring wakes us up from the long sleep we took

Summer heats me up from the ice cream I ate for dessert

Fall gives me a lot of food to eat so I won’t be hungry

Winter sings songs for every one to sleep

Poem A Day Challenge #6


When the green grass grows upon our gardens

When the animals in the dark places awake

The world of green begins

Flowers dance in the rhythm of wind

The animals yawn and start the harmony telling that is is Spring

The slow wind blow against your cheek

People here and there.

Picnics and field trip is held every where

In the green grassy land the party of Sping begins


playful, pretty, respectful

Who would be perfect as her

When I am sad she makes me laugh by jokes

When I am mad she listens to my stories

When I am upset she understands my feelings and becomes upset as me

Who would be perfect as her

She is talented on computers

She is talented on writing

She is talented on reading hard books

She is the best role model

Who can be better than her?

Poem A Day Challenge #4


In the morning a charming ‘ha-ha’ greets me

Gracie is the rubber in erasers

Gracie is the piece of jean in the jeans

Gracie is the wood in the chair

Gracie is what ever the major thing is

At the end a cold ‘ha-ha’ upsets me


In the morning a charming voice greets me ‘Hi’

It is the girl with a ponytail and white skin like snow white

Her sparkling eyes are lovely

Her smile is sweet as a marsh mellow with chocolate topping

The same clothes are fashionable if she wears it

It is ‘bye’ that is so upsetting and sad